Join us for one of these informative topics:

Interested in an informative presentation for your senior group?  St. Camillus is pleased to offer a series of complimentary informative presentations.  A great opportunity for your group to enjoy a variety of relevant topics offered by St. Camillus professionals!

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Home Safe Home

Making your wishes known: Sorting out the Alphabet soup of Powers of attorney and advanced directives

Join a St. Camillus Occupational Therapist who will share tips to help you look at your home with new eyes and recognize barriers in your living environment.  Solutions to many common and potentially unsafe issues in your living spaces will be offered.  Did you know that falls are the leading cause for injuries  and hospital admissions in adults age 65 and older?  Learn about equipment, devices, and modifications that may increase your independence, safety and efficiency with your activities of daily living.

Join one of our St. Camillus Care Managers for a discussion of an important health care decision.  What is an advance directive?  What is a power of attorney for healthcare?  Are advance directives required?  What happens if you do not have an advanced directive?  What are the different types of advance directives and power of attorney documents?  Blank copies of the documents will be available for your completion.  Bring your questions or any power of attorney documents you would like to have reviewed.

When Counting Sheep Doesn't Work!

This interactive presentation will address topics related to sleep; sleep is imperative for your mental and physical health.  There are consequences to lost sleep.  A St. Camillus nurse will share tips on how to get a Good Night’s Sleep...and when to seek medical intervention.  Don’t have another baaaaaad night of sleep!

Thrift Shop Style Show

Rightsizing for Any Age!

Learn more about St. Camillus’ very own Thrift Shop and what it has to offer.  Hear about how to donate, who the shop benefits, and see some examples of their greatest finds available for purchase the same day!

A Senior Living Specialist with St. Camillus will offer valuable advice on decluttering and organizing.  Trash or Treasures, Save or Sell?  Whether you are planning a move, or just want to minimize clutter, this discussion is for everyone!

Stress: What's it all about?

A St. Camillus nurse will define what stress is and identify different types of stress.  Discover how our body reacts to stress and learn effective techniques to manage stress in a healthy way.

Retirement Options:  Should I stay or do I go?

Hear ways to make the best decision for you and your lifestyle - if I stay home, are there services available to me?  Am I ready to move from my house and transition somewhere else?  Our St. Camillus Marketing Director will provide a guide to help you discover your options and make the decision process easier.

Hospice Care: Holistic Support at End of life

The hospice philosophy is based on the premise that death should be a human experience, not simply medical one.  Specially trained, compassionate caregivers offer support for each individual and family’s emotional, psychological, and physical needs during the journey, through the final chapter and beyond.  Please join a St. Camillus Hospice Team member for a discussion of hospice tenets, inclusions and eligibility.  Feel free to bring along a friend or loved one who may benefit from this information!

Sustain Your Brain and Keep your Mind Sharp

A St. Camillus Nurse will educate us on the normal changes that occur as our brain ages and factors that we can control to maximize brain health.  Memory enhancement tips will be shared to help with those “senior” moments.  Bring your questions or share your own memory jogger.

"Achoo" Do I have a Cold or is it the flu?  Which Flu?

What do I do?

A St. Camillus nurse will lead a discussion about the signs and symptoms of colds and seasonal flu.  Learn about the simple things that can be done to prevent colds, the flu and their complications.  Also learn about what to do if you think you have the flu.

Navigating through the Maze of Long Term Care Options

We’re living longer these days, but that doesn’t necessarily mean our needs will not evolve in future years.  Many Americans are not financially or emotionally prepared to deal with the issue of long term care.  Join a St. Camillus Care Manager as she offers expertise and sheds light on the following:


  • What are some ways I can prepare should my needs change in the future?
  • What options are available for long term care?
  • What assistance can a Geriatric Care Manager provide?
  • What are the different types of home care services available?
  • Does Medicare cover any of these services?

The Science Behind Optimum nutrition for Seniors

Join a St. Camillus Registered Dietitian as you discover the science of nutrition for seniors in a constantly evolving field that many individuals need help navigating.  Learn about key nutritional elements that will aid in increased mental acuity, boosting your immune system, and improving your overall quality of life.

Palliative Vs. Hospice Care:  Who can benefit and what are the differences?

Palliative care is available at any point during a serious or life threatening illness, while hospice care is reserved for the time when cure-oriented treatments are no longer effective or desired.  Join a St. Camillus Hospice Team Member for a discussion regarding the support and services provided under Palliative Care and Hospice Care.

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